Why Read Children's Literature?

When I was studying elementary education in college, my Reading teacher warned us that many people were afraid to read children's literature because others might think they weren't smart enough to read anything else. There has been an explosion of books for children since, partly brought on by the Harry Potter phenomenon. I have been amazed by the number of books that are excellent reading. Most are shorter than the average adult book, but the concepts are just as compelling, and some have beautifully rich language as well. Some of the young adult books would easily pass as adult if not found in a children's department.

I started reading primarily children's books when I wanted to guide my kids reading. I didn't have time to continue reading adult, too, and I found that many adult books were not worth the time spent. I have not lacked reading content since. I have also learned much from the nonfiction.

Other adults read mostly magazines because they don't think they have time for anything else. But for a true reader magazines are not enough. "Children's" books are a happy medium-a good read that you can finish in a timely manner.

Please. “Children’s books” are the sort of books 1-10 year olds read. I think the term needs some revision. In recent years, new markets have sprung up in the publishing industry.
Just because it’s considered a “children’s book” doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Ignore the classification, read the book anyway.
from Matt at http://www.ntugo.com