I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett.
Tiffany Aching, Discworld series
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2010.

  • Tiffany's back on the Chalk, being the Witch for a community that's done without for ages.

  • A cheese with a mind of its own.

  • The rough music has started, to be satisfied only by a mob attack or the disappearance of the culprit.

  • Someone has set in motion the fearing and hating of the witches. Ye olde Witchfinder is searching for a way to burn Tiffany.

  • The Nac Mac Feegles have orders to watch over and protect Tiffany, since their kelda has Seen her stalker.

  • The Baron, on his death bed, asks Tiffany to aid his son.

  • Roland, the new Baron, is far too influenced by his mother-in-law to be.

  • The complexities of jailing a witch.

  • There is a witch incognito in the castle.

  • A short trip to the source of the problem.

  • The elder witches gather. In support of Tiffany or defense of the people?

  • Flapping kilts to the rescue!

  • Time travel, of all things.


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