Ain't Gonna Study War No More by Milton Meltzer.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 1985.

I was amazed when I first found this book. During the Vietnam War, I was too young to understand the resistance to the war. Through all of the formative years of my life the subject was taboo. The implication was that the resisters were not behaving properly. The implication was that this was the first time in U.S. history that there was major opposition to war. Meltzer documents resistance to all of the major wars in which the U.S. has participated (until 1985). He puts into words things that I feel deeply in my heart. One of the most important freedoms of all is to decide individually whether you are willing to participate in a specific war or wars-and to what extent. If a government can coerce you into war, do you truly have freedom? Is it a positive thing to be willing to go to war and kill other people without thinking objectively about why both sides are fighting?

I believe this is a very important book. These questions need to be thought about and discussed openly and respectfully. Both sides of the issue may never agree, but it is my hope that people will not be called cowards because they believe killing is wrong. It is my hope that people will not teach children that patriotism is more important than thinking and morals. It is my hope that people will look beyond propaganda to other factors of war that are not talked about openly and would be considered less acceptable (ex. economics, control of resources).

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