The Ancient One by T. A. Barron.
Philomel Books/The Putnam & Grosset Group: NY, 1992.

Having lost her grandfather, Kate goes for a visit with his sister in Oregon where she is soon drawn into another astounding adventure. Part conservationist, Aunt Melanie involves Kate in her attempt to save the redwoods in a secluded volcanic crater from loggers. Kate takes shelter in the hollow of the oldest tree and is transported back to when the area was an ancient tribal camp (5oo years). At that point, instead of being a historical tale, it goes a more fantastical direction. In order to travel back to her time, she is sent on a quest to retrieve powerful magical artifacts from the evil Gashra (the ruler of the volcano) and his minion Sanbu. She has three sidekicks plus a dog and owl to help her achieve her goal. Again this story is more fantasy than I usually choose to read. For me, the historical and social subjects within it balance it enough to keep the interest level up. The fantasy parts are also so separate that they seem like a dream-even to Kate.
related-time travel, conservation of natural resources, friendship, transformation, tree of life, connection of all living things, past and present, magic, ancient tribes, volcanoes-fiction

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