The Arthur Trilogy by Kevin Crossley-Holland.
Arthur A. Levine: NY.

The Seeing Stone: 2001.

This is the journal of a younger son (page) at the turn of the thirteenth century near the border of England and Wales. It is a cozy glimpse into life in a small medieval village. It is also an exciting parallel of the King Arthur stories. Scenes of King Arthur's life are played out before him in a seeing stone given to him by his friend and mentor, Merlin. There are many similarities between what he sees in the stone and what happens in his life. Some of the things are seen beforehand, and others he sees in the stone after experiencing a similar version. Either way, the thirteenth century Arthur has a thirst for knowledge and understanding and learns from both the seeing and experiencing.
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At the Crossing Places: 2002.

Arthur leaves Caldicot to train as a squire with Lord Stephen de Holt. He continues to view King Arthur's world through his seeing stone as he and Lord Stephen prepare for a Crusade. He examines things he is told or taught as he faces contrasting ideas in life, and everything is logged in his journal. As he prepares for knighthood, he is also preparing to manage his inheritance-Catmole. Or as he finally realizes, his Camelot.
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The King of the Middle March: 2004.

In the last book of the trilogy, Arhtur participates in the Fourth Crusade in Venice and Zara and witnesses the confusion and horrors of war. He also sees the downfall of King Arthur's court in his seeing stone. The third book also focuses on his courtship of Winnie and his worry that he will lose her. After the other 2 books, this one was disappointing to me. It is likely to appeal to less people, and I would not recommend for younger than YA, although the depiction of the Crusades is interesting as is the parallel between Arthur and Winnie/Arthur and Guinevere.
related-King Arthur,British history-Richard I, 1189-1199, King John, 1199-1216, Middle Ages, magic, identity

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