The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts On Reclaiming the American Dream by Barack Obama.
Crown Publishers/Random House, Inc: NY, 2006.

Senator Obama speaks to our people in an uncommonly forthright and personal way about issues that have long remained unaddressed. In his book, he discusses why politics since the Vietnam War has been a never-ending haranguing of opposite campaigns. He suggests a way to start to move beyond the partisan politics that has existed for so long in order to alleviate the difficulties that are looming-the growing economic insecurity of our families, racial and religious tensions, and global threats (political, economical and environmental).

One of the things that strikes me about the book is Obama's talking of proud American traditions. One of those traditions is democratic discourse. He says that between World War II and the Vietnam War politicians may have disagreed, but they still worked together to solve the problem at hand. It has not been that way since (my whole lifetime). And he says "What is needed is a broad majority of Americans-Democrats, Republicans, and Independents of goodwill-who are reengaged in the project of national renewal, and who see their own self-interest as inextricably linked to the interests of others."

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