Black Horses for the King by Anne McCaffrey.
Harcourt Brace & Company: NY, 1996.

Lord Artos (Arthur) has a strategy to defeat the Saxons who threaten to spread across the British land. He plans to build a cavalry to drive them back using Libyan horses. Because of his language skills, Galwyn is recruited to help in the purchase of the animals. Since he has worked with horses before, he also helps to transport them to the island and care for them as the horses are bred and trained for battle. Galwyn is taught that the most important thing is to protect the hooves of the horses, and so he becomes involved in the introduction of iron sandals (horseshoes).

This is a fascinating depiction of how Arthur could have become the leading general in his region. The transportation and breeding of the horses plus the use of the horseshoes would have been so phenomenal that folk hero status would be inevitable.

related-King Arthur, British history before 1066 AD, horses, horseshoes, cavalry
RL=5th-8th     maybe YA

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