Going Postal by Terry Pratchett.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2004.

The story covers the probationary career of Moist van Lipwig who, as Alfred Spangler, was partially hanged for embezzlement and fraud and allowed to live provided he bring back the City of Ankh-Morpork's long-inactive postal service.

Pulling the strings behind the scenes is the supreme ruler of Ankh-Morpork, Lord Vetinari. Moist wonders at one point why Mr. Vetinari (known as a beneficent tyrant) is content to only control the city as he certainly could rule the world if he chose. In his bold move of assigning Moist to revive the mail delivery, was this his sole intention or did he expect to curtail Reacher Gilt and the corruption of the Grand Trunk Company (the semaphore/telegraph facilities that have been monopolizing the message deliveries since the demise of the postal service)? Did he know that Moist would be able to be beat Gilt at his own game-with a whole new style?

A book that defies categorization, it's part fantasy, political satire, social commentary, mystery and intrigue, and adventure. It is part of the huge and popular Discworld series, and Terry Pratchett's humorous anecdotes are as outrageous as ever.
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