Something Rotten by Alan Gratz.
Dial Books/Penguin Group: NY, 2007.

There are 2 things rotten in Denmark, Tennessee. The air and water poisoning paper plant in town and the murder of Hamilton Prince's father, owner and executive of the plant. Or is it murder? Hamilton believes it is and invites his best friend, Horatio, to visit and observe the evidence and suspects.

The details follow Hamlet closely through the first half of the story. Those that know and like the tragedy (like me) will likely be more interested, though I think the mystery is good anyway. There are more suspects than in the original. It touches on the same themes, but adds on the environmentalist angle as well. Thankfully, the ending is nothing like Hamlet. The characters don't all die. It's fun to see the references to the original, and there are enough differences for an engaging retelling.

One of the differences that I liked is that the narration is from Horatio's viewpoint. Gratz has taken a tiny role in Shakespeare's play and given it life. This aspect reminds me of the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead which is also used in the story. Horatio has his own life, and it appears it carries over into other mysteries. For ex., Something Wicked was just released this October.

related-family problems, murder, water pollution, mystery and detective stories, social issues, Hamlet, Shakespeare

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