Skybreaker by Kenneth Oppel.
Eos/Harper Collins Publishers: NY, 2006.

In this fantastic sequel to Airborn, Matt Cruse identifies the Hyperion-the airship of a wealthy inventor that was lost forty years before. He is the only one with coordinates, so he is prodded into going on a treasure hunt to retrieve it or its treasures. Dangerously high altitudes and unusual life forms become serious obstacles. Pursued by others wanting the Hyperion, he and his companions end up fighting for their lives as well as the loot from the airship.

My sons and I were excited to see this sequel. We all three loved it-even more than Airborn.

Note: Although it is a fantasy/sci fi book, it has the feel of a historical novel. In some ways it is like an alternate history book. Both books are based on the use of airships instead of airplanes and describe interesting creatures that live in the sky but are rarely seen.

related-airships, salvage, pirates, inventions, imaginary creatures

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