Click by 10 authors: Linda Sue Park, David Almond, Eoin Colfer, Deborah Ellis, Nick Hornby, Roddy Doyle, Tim Wynne-Jones, Ruth Ozeki, Margo Lanagan, Gregory Maguire.
Arthur A. Levine Books/Scholastic Inc: NY, 2007.

Ten exceptional authors each insert their own perspective and style to create this novel with one surprise after another. Linda Sue Park introduces the focal point-a recently deceased photojournalist who has traveled the world, exhibited powerful work, and touched many lives. He has left two grandchildren mementos which are meant to direct their paths in a way that they will use their hearts and minds to interact with the world as he has done.

The story does not progress in the standard timeline format, but each chapter has a special point-of-view that connects to the legacy of George Keane, the photographer. The chapters seem like separate short stories, but each chapter has a power of its own and builds one upon the other, as if each were a snapshot, to form an amazing portfolio. I particularly like the symbolism of each chapter being a different snapshot, a different view of the world.

It would be interesting to hear how the authors proceeded with their combined effort. The story is so cohesive and flowing despite shifts in thought and storyline. I think each author must have waited his/her turn as preceding chapters were written-similar to role-playing games. Since it is dedicated to Amnesty International, was there a plan all along to focus on multiculturalism, understanding of humanity, and openheartedness, or were some of the connections happy coincidences as the story unfolded? Was there an intention of challenging the readers to add on their own chapters as well, or was that solely Gregory Maguire's doing?

related-photojournalism, photography, legacies, adventures, world travel, death, adoption, war, imprisonment, molestation, sea creatures, families, boxing, nuclear devastation, friendship, kindness, understanding, atomic radiation, clones, memories, generations

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