Firehorse by Diane Lee Wilson.
Margaret K. McElderry Books/Simon & Schuster: NY, 2006.

The language mirrors the story with its galloping prose. It is fraught with metaphors of constraint-being forced into stillness. The choice of words for the descriptions are tangible and exciting with the story bursting forth-pulling forward just as the Governor's Girl (the firehorse) does.

Forced to move to Boston and leave her horse behind, Rachel is consumed with depression. The need to protect another horse pulls her back into the life around her.

This awesome story includes an account of the Great Boston Fire of 1872 based on newspaper articles and a girl's diary. It draws parallels between the firehorse and Rachel, who cares for her when she is terribly burned. Together they find redemption, but what spirit they must have to follow their callings in the 19th century!

related-veterinary practice, gender roles, horses, arson, family life, Boston Massachusetts-history, historical fiction, women's rights and choices

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