Yoga of the Heart: Ten Ethical Principles for Gaining Limitless Growth, Confidence, and Achievement by Alice Christensen.
Daybreak Books/Rodale Books: NY, 1998.

A month ago, I checked out 3 books about yoga. The first was an exercise manual, since I need some physical work. The second was on breathing, since I have some experience with the uplifting qualities of attention to breathe. Breathe has a healing aspect. The third, this one, I chose as a light philosophical read, for in the evening when I'm too tired for concentration. Instead, I found a book that does require focus, but taken slowly is easy enough and uplifting and possibly the one most likely to change my life.

The book discusses 10 ethical principles of yoga. It references a spiritual body, a deeper concept of the inner self. Your instincts and emotions are ways that this spiritual body try to get your physical body's attention. If you actively try to live by these principles, then you are connected to your spiritual body and in tune with the universe. The more aware you are of your spiritual inner self, the more you are uplifted by it, giving your daily self, the physical self, what you need to live in the world and deal with whatever experience.

Years ago, I stopped working on my spiritual life. I had decided religion was not for me. For a while, experiences in nature and choices I made gave me awesome uplifting, sustaining moments. However, I hit a brick wall with the Middle Eastern wars that our country started and perpetuated. From there, I feel that the mentality of our society has been mostly downhill, along with our economy. I have been struggling with depression due to our society and family issues for many years now. Finally, I decided that yoga might provide enough respite that I can get my life back on track. I was looking for just rest from the anxiety our society is causing. But I think the concepts in this book will provide a new direction as well and give me the hope I so desperately need. I have always tried to live by some of these principles anyway. Now, I may be able to find something that will support me as well. Something I've wanted for a long time, but was afraid to look for. I knew that it would mean looking closely at myself, and given the negative feelings and pain I have had, I resisted self-reflection.

So, I have chosen this book as a Book of the Month, hoping to reach others needing support. Maybe even some who don't know they are looking for it.

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Note: I think the book in the image link is the same. Though the secondary title is reworded, the author and picture are the same.

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