Your Atomic Self: The Invisible Elements That Connect You to Everything Else in the Universe by Curt Stager.

From the very beginning, I was hooked on this book. Understanding the elements leads one to philosophical thoughts, apparently, and some to be poetic in their description. I had no idea when I started the book that I would be so amazed by it. While I generally am interested in atomic theory, I find most media presents it in a way that is still above the level of someone who has not reached an understanding of the elements. So, it remains mysterious and out of reach.

Maybe it is partly due to being a book instead of video, that is easy to read over and over or flip back through for better understanding, but I think also because Stager addresses elements individually, starting with the simplest (and oldest) and progresses from there. Reading a segment at a time focuses on the special aspects of each of eight elements that are essential to our bodies and life on the planet. The interaction between them to form life is awesome to understand and contemplate, leading to excitement, poetry and philosophy. It is obvious how much Stager loves the subject and wants to share it. A reading of the book may very well enrich your life, to look around you and see the elements at work in your lives. Open your eyes to this world and universe of elements and see how we are all linked within them.

I absolutely love picking up some random book to read and having it be such an important experience! As a tribute, I have created a crossword puzzle for it.

related-matter, atoms, composition of the human body, elements, molecules, organic chemistry and biochemistry, quantum physics, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, iron, sodium, calcium, phosphorus
RL=adult, but accessible to 7th and up

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