Bread Comes to Life: A Garden of Wheat and a Loaf to Eat by George Levenson. photos by Shmuel Thaler.
Tricycle Press/Ten Speed Press: Berkeley, CA, 2004.

This is an exciting nonfiction book. Who doesn't enjoy a nice piece of bread? The author shows a baker sowing his own wheat in his backyard, the wheat growing through different stages, the processes of his harvesting and separating the seeds and grinding it into flour, and then the making of the dough for a loaf. It is shown in such a simple way that it appears that any of us could try it ourselves. Great photos, by the way.

Most of the book is simple, like a picture book. The last pages discuss wheat a little more - as a staple food, backyard growing, harvesting wheat grass to eat, chewing the grains to make a chewing gum, how bread rises, and a simple recipe for a loaf.

I have been wanting to try to make some bread for a while and have been procrastinating. I can make my own pizza dough. So, when I read this book, it inspired me. I'd like to try growing some of my own wheat. Somehow I thought the process would be more difficult or would require a larger space to grow. If you're used to some gardening, it sounds pretty simple. Check it out, and maybe try it yourself. If not, the book will at least give young ones a greater appreciation of what they are eating, the loving process from start to finish.

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