Calico Bush by Rachel Field.
The Macmillan Company: NY, 1931.
Newbery Honor 1932

This is an excellent example of pioneer life. Seventy-five years later it is still interesting and relevant.

Marguerite, a young French girl, is bound into service to a family moving from Massachusetts to coastal Maine. Mostly she is responsible for the care of the five young children, but the many emergencies that arise (and the nature if pioneer living) necessitate harder labor and strength and courage. Because of her French birth and ways there is also a conflict between her and the family as well as the few neighbors. One wise woman recognizes her worth and takes her under her wing.
related-pioneer life, 18th century, Indian raids (with connection to the French Canadians), bound servants, Maine history and geography, friendship, neighbors, herbal lore, textiles

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