Camelot ed by Jane Yolen.
Philomel Books/Putnam & Grosset Group: NY, 1995.

Camelot is one of two excellent books that prompted me to explore the ever-expanding selection of King Arthur books. The other is Quest for a King by Catherine M. Andronik about the historic Arthur. Camelot remains one of my favorite of all the books.

Camelot is an exciting and varied collection of original short stories touching on King Arthur, Guinevere, and the Knights of the Round Table. They are not Arthur canon, but for me they are more alive, captivating, and inspiring than the more traditional writings (with the exception of Gerald Morris's series and Mary Stewart's Merlin series.

The stories range from Merlin shifting Arthur's soul into animals to the bringing of horses to England for the first time to a staged marvel gone horribly wrong to Mordred's struggle with his fate.


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