Catch A Tiger By The Toe by Ellen Levine.
Viking/Penguin Group: NY, 2005.

In the 1950's, Ellen has a big secret that must be kept-even from her best friend. As events move along the secret is bound to be exposed. Her family members belong to the Communist Party. To her this means they believe in equality and helping those who have been treated unfairly. To Senator McCarthy and many scared and angry people it means they are trying to overturn the government.

The book spotlights a time in U.S. history when anything people said or did could lead to being accused of Communism and anti-Americanism. It was a time of harassment and personal fear and devastation. Jamie Morse is confronted by these things at school and in her neighborhood by other students and adults. Ellen Levine has done an excellent job of handling a harsh and consequential reality in a way that affects and absorbs younger readers.
related-secrets, schools, family life-Bronx,NY, United States politics and history, McCarthyism, Communism

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