Comic Strips: Create Your Own Comic Strips From Start to Finish by Art Roche.
Lark Books/Sterling Publishing Co: NY, 2006.

Everything you need to know to create your first comic strip and more! Roche starts with a brief explanation and history of comics. He gives tips about beginning and developing drawing skills, plus discusses building and polishing stories. He talks about publishing your strips in different formats and for different media and audiences in order to get feedback to launch your successful career-whether your purpose is strictly for fun or to become a professional. He has suggestions for continuing to brainstorm and look for new ideas and for keeping a portfolio.

The book is accessible to fairly young readers, but has enough information to be useful for any beginning comic strip artist.

related-drawing techniques, writing process, continue reading, layout & design, finishing product, self-publishing, internet, syndicates, other media & products
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