The Dead Drop by Jennifer Allison.
Gilda Joyce psychic detective
Dutton Children's Books/Penguin Group: NY, 2009.

Psychic investigator Gilda Joyce travels to her dream job in Washington, D.C. for the summer. Any job at the International Spy Museum would be thrilling. Luckily, a counselor for Spy Camp quits, and Gilda's enthusiasm convinces her superiors to give her a chance. She's determined to finish camp with the best trained team, even though her young age means she gets the youngest campers.

Gilda's curious and suspecting nature embroils her in an investigation of international espionage. She accidentally uncovers a dead drop (spy swap spot) in a cemetery, and there is no end to the suspicious activity all around her - flashing lights across from her apartment and a scowling woman staring at her, a known ex-spy's paranoid behavior, dreams of a dead woman warning her, a subway stalker. Gilda tries to keep it all to herself, but breaks down and confides in those around her. The stress is too much to bear alone, but with just a little help she can solve the riddle of her dreams and put to rest another ghost.

Gilda Joyce is a great female character. She has style and gumption, a knack for being in the thick of things, an inquisitive mind, an abundance of confidence, and perseverance when it comes to solving a mystery. This time there are two ghosts (one warning and one pointing the way) and also straightforward psychic activity, with which her psyche becomes entwined.

This book is even more exciting than the other Gilda Joyce book I read, The Ghost Sonata. The pace and anticipation are optimal. There are four so far, and I look forward to reading more.

related-detective stories and mysteries, strong female characters, psychic ability, dreams, spies, CIA agents, museums, Washington, D.C.

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