The Dump Man's Treasures by Lynn Plourde. il by Mary Beth Owens.
Down East: Maine, 2008.

This is the story of an old man in Maine who oversaw his small town's dump, running it as a junkyard. Salvaging whatever he could. Especially books. He couldn't stand to see the books thrown out, so he did repairs and started a library, lending and giving away books. As the collection outgrew his space, he started to take books to people who weren't coming to him, wheeling around an old shopping cart.

The paintings are appealing, a little sketchy but realistic in style. What I love about the book is the concepts. I can't stand throwing out books either, and the man stirs a community spirit, though it's not readily apparent until the end. The using of castoff things also is an embodiment of New England character, a trait that is making a resurgence in much of our country, I hope.

I like to point out Maine related books when I can. This one is a Maine published book, by Down East Magazine. Interestingly, the only address given for the publisher is online,

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