The Ear, The Eye, and the Arm by Nancy Farmer.
A Richard Jackson Book/Orchard Books: NY, 1994.
Newbery Honor 1995

Zimbabwe 2194: General Matsika's children (Tendia, Rita and Kuda) live and learn in an environment isolated from almost all people. Tendai has wished for adventure, and he and Rita plan to travel across the city-taking Kuda along-to earn scout merit badges. A simple bus ride turns into a life-changing event when they are kidnapped during a snack from a vendor. The mutant detectives (Ear, Eye, and Arm) are one step behind the children as they are kept by and escape different groups with different intents.

Privileged and forsaken people, modern and ancient traditions are blended in this extraordinary story. With an odd mix of characters and events, Farmer tells a story like no one else. She gives a comparison of old and new worlds with pros and cons in both, and heroes emerge in unexpected circumstances.

related-science fiction, fantasy, Zimbabwe, Shona mythology, detective stories, kidnapping, coming of age, storytelling

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