Eight Animals Bake a Cake by Susan Middleton Elya. il Lee Chapman.
G. P. Putnam's Sons/Penguin Putnam Books: NY, 2002.

Eight animals each bring an ingredient for the cake they bake together. Friends cooking together is a great occasion. The colorful illustrations are fit for a party. The rhyming sentences add to the festivity.

Two friends tug at the finished cake and end up with a mess, salvaged as an upside-down cake. Instructions follow for the recipe.

The animal and ingredient names are in English and Spanish, as well as a few other select words. There are a glossary and a pronunciation guide and reminders on each page.

My favorite parts are the sharing of the friends and the joyful pictures. Though I enjoy more and more each time I read the book.

related-Spanish language, vocabulary, animals, baking a cake, friendship, togetherness, stories in rhyme
RL=2nd-3rd, read aloud to toddlers-1st

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