Eight Hands Round: Patchwork Alphabet by Ann Whitford Paul. il Jeanette Winter.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 1991.

This is an alphabet book that focuses on traditional patchwork patterns and historical references that likely inspired the creation of the patterns (nature, chores, events, people, etc). The names of the patterns are alphabetized. The descriptions are fairly simple historical bits. Most refer to ordinary occurrences in colonial or pioneering life. A few are quite specific and may need more explanation.

I enjoyed the influences for the patterns. Some are obvious; others have names I never would have guessed. The patterns are displayed as the basic square and repeating squares to show what a whole quilt would look like.

related-quilt patterns, patchwork quilts, alphabet, United States history, frontier and pioneer life
RL=2nd-4th, read aloud with preK-1st, could be used for elementary history

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