Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton.
Delacorte Press/Random House, Inc: NY, 2006.

An ancient book of magical power (the ultimate book) is sought after (in 1453 and the present) by learned bibliophiles. In 1453 it falls into the hands of Gutenberg's young apprentice who brings it to Oxford as he flees. Bibliophiles through history seek its power until it chooses 12-year-old Blake Winters to heal the damage done to it and stop the Person of Shadow from attaining it.

Excellent first book by Skelton. A mix of fantasy, historical fiction and mystery, it takes place mostly in present time Oxford, England with flashbacks and connections to the past. The story is suspenseful through the whole, incorporating some elements from Faust and history and a social conflict to root it in the present.
related-books, Faust, wellspring of knowledge, good vs evil, family separation

Matt's Review at Ex Libris

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