The Enormous Snore by M. L. Miller. il Kevin Hawkes.
G. P. Putnam's Sons/The Putnam & Grosset Group: NY, 1995.

This story reminds me of The Princess and the Pea with all of the things the royal advisers stuff under the king's mattress. The king snores and can't be woken, so the idea is to make him uncomfortable enough (Do you really want to do this to a king?) to wake himself. The new girl in the kingdom, who has lost her family, finds the solution: move the bed to Echo Ravine. It's hard to resist the disruption the snore causes and the items shoved under the mattress and discarded afterwards.

The pictures are a little strange but suit the story well. I like the cover art and drama of the other illustrations. Also Hawkes' use of color.

related-snores, echoes, rulers, kings, queens
RL=K-2nd, read aloud to toddler and up

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