The Fifth Elephant by Terry Pratchett.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2000.

  • A replica of the Scone of Stone is stolen.

  • Commander Sam Vimes is called upon to do his ducal duty at the coronation of the Low King of Uberwald.

  • Vimes leaves Captain Carrot in charge of the City Watch, who then leaves Sergeant Colon in charge (Big mistake!), and enlists a scruffy dog to sniff out Sergeant Angua, who is heading to Uberwald on family business (sort of).

  • Sergeant Colon, now Captain Colon, goes on a power trip with a severe case of sugar cube paranoia.

  • Despite Vimes's best behavior, he meets confrontation at every turn.

  • Gaspode, the scruffy dog, ponders the complications of humans.

  • There are too many Igors to distinguish between them.

  • Corporal Nobbs forms a labor union and pickets, and the Watch is reduced to one holed up in the station.

  • Who's behind the uncalled for incarceration?

  • Duke Vimes enjoys a cigar in a hot spring before running pell-mell through the snowy forest.

  • Another visit from Death.

  • An attempted arrest ends in one dead, two operated on by Igor, and two missing.

  • An Igor's funeral - pieces to go.

  • Vimes and Lady Sybil take the scenic route home.

  • related-DiscWorld, Uberwald, dwarfs, werewolves, Commander Sam Vimes and Lady Sybil, Carrot and Angua, Colon and Nobbs, the Low King of Uberwald, diplomacy and power struggle, satire, humorous, social issues

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