Firebirds ed by Sharyn November.
Firebird/Penguin Group: NY, 2003.

Sixteen original stories by award-winning fantasy and science fiction authors. Firebird, an imprint of Penguin Group, celebrates these fine writers and is dedicated to this growing genre for young adult readers.

There is an exciting mix of styles, and I enjoy sampling works like this that lead me to new favorites. The stories I found the most memorable are The Baby in the Night Deposit Box by Megan Whalen Turner (a child raised in a bank), Beauty by Sherwood Smith (the odd princess in the family is kidnapped to help an escaping prisoner, and he stays with her longer than necessary for her company), Byndley by Patricia A. McKillip (a wizard must return something he stole long ago from the faerie world), Hope Chest by Garth Nix (a strange western tale that my son says reminds him of the TV series Smallville), Chasing the Wind by Elizabeth E. Wein (the journey of a teenage girl to a plantation in Kenya), Little Dot by Diana Wynne Jones (from the perspective of a cat), and Flotsam by Nina Kiriki Hoffman (a girl cares for a homeless boy who turns out to be from the land of faeries.

authors-Delia Sherman, Megan Whalen Turner, Sherwood Smith, Nancy Springer, Lloyd Alexander, Meredith Ann Pierce, Michael Cadnum, Emma Bull, Charles Vess (il for graphic story), Patricia A. McKillip, Kara Dalkey, Garth Nix, Elizabeth E. Wein, Diana Wynne Jones, Nancy Farmer, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Laurel Winter

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