Garden Crafts for Kids: 50 Great Reasons To Get Your Hands Dirty by Diane Rhoades.
Sterling Publishing Co, Inc: NY, 1995.

Garden Crafts for Kids is a resource for helping kids to get started as gardeners. Everything they will need to know is here, from potting plants and transferring trees to growing from seeds to designing a garden and composting. In fact, it can be used as a guide for any beginner gardener - adults, too. It's less crafty than most of the kids' gardening books, concentrating more on gardening itself. The crafts are more useful than average as well. There are some experiments also, such as generating electricity with an onion, and recipes.

The pictures are what drew me to the book at first. Much of the information is things I've already been exposed to as a gardener. Even so, there are some things I have not tried. The potato layers is one thing I would like to try, only I think I will make some bottomless boxes to stack instead of using tires. We have also not kept worms. I did already use one of the recipes and am thinking of a variation for next year when the spruce has new growth.

For beginners, you may want to read through and then try a little at a time. It may be too overwhelming to try all of the interesting projects at once. Refer back to the book when you are ready for more. Gardening is something that takes years to feel comfortable with. Adding on more and more as you go. Definitely worth the time. Soon you will be coming up with your own ideas, since gardening also leads to innovation.

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