The Gates by John Connolly.
ATRIA Books/Simon & Schuster: NY, 2009.

The Gates is a light sci fi/fantasy tale presenting the underworld as a parallel universe. CERN's Hadron Collider briefly opens a wormhole, though the scientists are clueless how this could happen. Simultaneously, a group of friends hold a ceremony to call forth a demon. To their immense surprise, it works. This demon forces the wormhole to stay cracked and invites others through. A unique boy, Samuel Johnson, celebrates Halloween 3 days ahead of time and sees the possession of his neighbors. He and his friends, with the help of a banished demon, work to keep the devil from passing through the Gates and work to seal them shut.

The story was obviously written for children. Besides a low reading level and shortness and quickness, the hero is a child, though smarter than average, aided by two other children. It is simplistic and humorous, with many odd asides, reminding me of Douglas Adams's works. I understand it is being classed as adult in libraries. The intro and subject may be a little controversial, but it is a light, humorous story. There is nothing really that need be considered offensive. It is not meant to be serious. I strongly doubt children would have a problem with it. The scientific connection is interesting. What I like best, though, are Samuel's character and his interaction with other characters, including his dog.

related-boys, good and evil, physics
RL=6th and up

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