The Gathering Storm by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson.
TOR Fantasy/Tom Doherty Associates: NY, 2009.
12th book of The Wheel of Time

The Gathering Storm carries on from the point Jordan left off. Sanderson's first book in the series is a success. There are some differences in style, but I like them both. Jordan's is heavier; you feel the sense of a story needing to be told. He is the bard. Sanderson's is much lighter, more of a popular read (which is okay, since it is a long book; it moves faster). He still tells a good tale, but not with the same eloquence. The only complaint I have about the book is it seems that with every scene change there are comments about the weather. We get the point after a few; don't need a reference each time.

  • Semirhage in captivity.

  • Farmers and town people alike see The Battle is approaching. The turning of plows into weapons and mass migration.

  • Faile takes care of the Prophet.

  • Rand argues with Lews Therin. He needs to know the knowledge that Lews holds. All of it.

  • Egwene comes near to convincing the Tar Valon Aes Sedai, until the chaos starts.

  • Peace must be made with the Seanchan. To that end, Rand sends the troops of Arad Doman to the Borderlands.

  • Egwene speaks with the Sitters who are rooting out Black Ajah and learns of their oath of obedience.

  • Gawyn leaves his post, in an attempt to save Egwene.

  • Egwene is forced to confront Elaida and is jailed for her efforts. The Sitters must now decide what to do about Elaida.

  • Plans are made to attack Tar Valon, 2 plans.

  • The Great Lord's emissary frees Semirhage, and she uses an a'dam on him.

  • Rand bans Cadsuane.

  • Mat writes a script and directs his players.

  • Verin is drawn to Mat's side.

  • The Dragon Reborn meets the Daughter of the Nine Moons.

  • Tuon rejects an alliance and announces herself Empress.

  • Rand balefires Graendal's estate.

  • Cadsuane says someone with Perrin Aybara can sway Rand.

  • Verin meets with Egwene, spilling the beans and ending her life.

  • A rebel contingent brings Egwene back to their camp after Egwene's valiant stand. Further proof of her Amyrlin-ship.

  • Elaida out of the picture.

  • Rallying troops for Shayol Ghul. Rand also confronts the marching Borderlanders.

  • Black Ajah are revealed and executed.

  • A new Amyrlin must be chosen within Tar Valon.

  • Rand finds his reason for continuing.

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