G is for Googol by David M. Schwartz. il by Marissa Moss.
Tricycle Press: Berkeley, CA, 1998.

G is for Googol, besides having one of the best names, is one of my favorite alphabet books. It's unique and delightful, explaining some great math terms in clear and simple speech. It also has fabulous graphic depictions and comical commentary. The reading level is about 3rd to 5th grade level, but it is really a book for all ages. Everyone can enjoy the comics. Elementary on up through adult can benefit from the clarification of ideas, and in turn discuss with children better, encouraging them to enjoy the concepts of math enough to persevere through the figuring they might not like as much.

Besides the educational value, it is a fun book. It shows that math is fascinating, something worth knowing for the pleasure of it. I think maybe a fault of school systems is that too often math is taught as just memorization and figuring from the beginning through half or all of high school. It isn't just a skill to acquire; there are exciting, mindblowing concepts involved.

G is for Googol and its counterpart Q is for Quark are books to buy for youngsters and keep and cherish. They are not quick reads; they serve as reminders as well as introductions. I have to say these books helped me to understand some of the terms better and explained terms I hadn't bothered to understand. Here's hoping that these books will lead to further exploration.

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RL=all ages

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