Goosed! by Bill Wallace. il by Jacqueline Rogers.
Holiday House: NY, 2002.

Goosed! is from the perspective of T.P., a dog very comfortable in his home with parents and his buddy Jeff. One summer day, Jeff is acting peculiar. He announces to his parents that a puppy will be staying with them. T.P. doesn't understand until a box is opened the next day and a wee yapping dog comes out with too much energy and questions. T.P. and the cat Cord are forced to adjust to the puppy through the following week.

The dog's description of everything is interesting and would certainly be enticing to a young reader. There is regular action through the book, one thing after another happening. A good thing to keep easily distracted readers reading. The story is good. It has more besides just the description to keep it moving, and it does not feel forced. I like T.P.'s character. Would have liked more development of the cat.

The chapters are short, so not much beyond beginning reader level.

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