Growing Patterns by Sarah C. Campbell. il Sarah C. and Richard P. Campbell.
Boyds Mills Press: Honesdale, PA, 2010.

This is a simple and beautiful explanation of Fibonacci numbers: description of the pattern, its existence in nature, and historical notes regarding the observance of the pattern and similar number theory, such as the Golden Ratio and Lucas numbers.

The book starts by encouraging the reader to count petals of flowers. Each new one adds petals as the pattern grows, and previous flowers are displayed in the formation of the nautilus depiction of the pattern. Spirals of pine cones, sunflowers, and pineapples are also discussed, and a geometric spiral is shown at the end.

I like the simple, tactile discussion. I have found as a homeschool teacher that young children love number theory. It takes a certain type of mind to enjoy figuring numbers, but discussion of the importance of numbers can be quite engaging. Fibonacci numbers are a little mysterious. They're like a key to decoding the world, and this book gives children access to the secret.

related-Fibonacci numbers, numbers in nature, number patterns, number theory, number sequences, observing nature
RL=1st-3rd, could use for math classes up to 5th

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