Hogfather by Terry Pratchett.
HarperTorch/HarperCollins: NY, 2003.
Originally publ by Victor Gollancz: Great Britain, 1996.


  • Hogfather grants children's wishes on Hogswatchnight, December 32.

  • Susan Sto Helit playing Mary Poppins.
  • The poker, every governess should have one.

  • Death goes out of character (seems to do that often), leaving his granddaughter Susan with the Job. This sabbatical entails covering for the Hogfather. A job Death can enjoy, though it might disrupt the universe.

  • The world is full of small round things that aren't eyeballs!

  • Mr. Teatime, an Assassin that even the Assassins think goes too far.

  • Hex, Unseen University's magical data analyzing machine.

  • Bloody Stupid Johnson's special bathroom design.

  • There's only one way to eliminate the immortals, such as the Tooth Fairy, the Hogfather, and even Death.

  • Nobby Nobbs sits on the Hogfather's knee.

  • Have you ever wondered what the Tooth Fairy does with all those teeth? Powerful things, teeth.

  • The scales tilt. A change in belief leaves room for other beliefs.

  • The Tooth Fairy's surprising history.

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