Hoot by Carl Hiaasen.
Alfred A. Knopf/Random House: NY, 2002.
Newbery Honor 2003

When Roy's family moves from Montana to Florida, Roy immediately becomes the target of the school bully. He notices a strange, running boy out the bus window and is drawn into a compelling mystery. After following the boy, he gains an unexpected ally because of his concern.

There are burrowing owls in danger of being buried by a construction project. In the beginning, there is one person committed to saving the owls from their predicament. As the story progresses, others show their compassion for the owls and employ different methods in their desire to help. Though the story involves environmental protection, bullying, and a broken family, there are some imaginatively humorous situations, and it is absorbing and enjoyable.
related-burrowing owls, environmental protection, community activism, bullies, new kid, friendship

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