Horrid Henry and the Mega-Mean Time Machine by Francesca Simon. il Tony Ross.
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky: Naperville, IL, 2009.
Originally publ by Orion Children's Books: Great Britain, 2005.

This is one you'll not want to miss. Who knew a story about taking a walk could be so funny? Henry reminds me so much of my own children when we have pleaded, coaxed, and badgered them into going on walks. Now I know exactly what was going through their heads. I have learned that if there is something more active involved, such as climbing or rock throwing, they are more enthusiastic.

The title story with the time machine is most excellent. Quite creative and somehow believable that Henry could dupe Peter so badly. Certainly something all older brothers would try, and Horrid Henry is a master.

Perfect Peter's Revenge is so perfect, until Henry, Margaret, and Susan learn the truth. It works beautifully for a while, but then Peter approaches Henry on the school playground at the most inopportune time, unknowingly pointing the finger at himself.

The last story is one to which we can all relate, the dreaded restaurant situation, even if we avoid the fancy establishments. Different food, loud kids and everyone staring, open rebellion in public. You see, the kids have you in their power, because they know you will do almost anything to avoid a scene. The twist of Miss Battle-Axe being reprimanded by her mother is a hoot.

Did teachers have mothers? Did teachers ever leave the school? Impossible.
I only wish I had thought to pay my kids a dollar or two! We only had a few utterly embarrassing encounters, but we avoided the fancy places.

related-transitional books, early chapter books, hiking, walks, time travel, playing with boxes, imagination, love letters, poems, fancy restaurants, trying new foods
RL=1st-4th, enjoyable for all ages

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