Horrid Henry's Stinkbomb by Francesca Simon. il Tony Ross.
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky: Naperville, IL, 2009.
Originally publ by Orion Children's Books: Great Britain, 2002.

Another spectacular Horrid Henry book. Four great stories. I love the outrageousness of the regular life situations that become capers in Simon's hands. In most of them, I can totally empathize with Henry despite his unconventional behavior.

The first story features a reading contest with the prize being family tickets to a theme park! Henry can't wait to get started - only he does. He's determined to win the contest anyway, but Miss Battle-Axe has a surprise.

The stinkbomb story has the two clubs, Henry's and Margaret's, planning a trick each against the other at the very same time. The parallel schemes are narrated step by step, a nice variation in the stories.

In the third story, the class is given the freedom and supplies to create a Parthenon, but can Henry cooperate with a group? Apparently not. The only solution is to separate Henry. Miss Battle-Axe didn't think to give him his own supplies, and then she kept him in at recess, compounding matters by leaving the room. Definitely not her best day.

The last story has some of the best pictures: New Nick's operatic parents, Henry trying to hear the TV over the opera, Nick's dogs pouncing, a frazzled Henry calling home for assistance. The sacking of Troy from the school project is a great shot of Henry's imagination, too.

In the last story, Henry receives an invitation for one of his favorite pastimes, a sleepover; something that is rare now since he only gets one invitation per household. Nick's family might be the exception, but it might also be the cure for any desire to sleepover.

related-transitional books, early chapter books, reading contest, book reviews, pranks, private personal clubs, spies, arts and crafts, group projects, cooperation, sleepovers, new friends
RL=1st-4th, enjoyable for all ages

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