Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy by Francesca Simon. Il Tony Ross.
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky: Naperville, 2009.
Originally publ by Orion Children's Books: Great Britain, 1997.

I found this second book less funny than the original Horrid Henry, but utterly relatable. Henry certainly lives up to his reputation. Only Moody Margaret tops him. In this book, the illustrations are more imaginative: the fire-breathing dragon, the wedding pictures, Margaret drawing the uncrossable line, and Henry's fake window drop.

The first chapter is the title story. Henry tries every which way to trick the Tooth Fairy, because even his younger brother has lost a tooth. Since it seems life isn't being fair to him, he starts scheming. The end of the story is the funniest to me.

In the second chapter, Henry and Peter are ringbearers at a wedding. Can you believe anyone would request such a thing? So again Henry is stuck in a situation he cannot tolerate, and he takes his revenge - although he is mostly just being Horrid Henry, oblivious to everyone else.

The third chapter finally shows Henry's parents appreciating Henry's Horridness. Moody Margaret comes to stay, and he can only take so much. It's either explode - or get rid of her. I have to say I think Henry's solution wasn't so terrible.

It's the beginning of the school year in the last chapter. Henry is at his most Horrid in dealing with new teachers. He views it as a challenge. The stunt that breaks the teacher is unbelievably Horrid, yet admittedly creative. It's good to know it isn't real.

related-transitional books, early chapter books, behavior, tooth fairy, kids at weddings, visitors staying overnight, first day of school
RL=1st-4th, enjoyable for all ages

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