Into the Dark: An Echo Falls Mystery by Peter Abrahams.
Laura Geringer Books/HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2008.

In this book, the Prescott Players are working on Hansel and Gretel, but the only connection to the storyline is Ingrid's feelings regarding being lost and/or chased in the woods. Her Grampy is in trouble in this episode. His heroism from WWII makes him a key suspect in a murder mystery. Plus, his surliness, motive, and the murder being located on his property. Ingrid seems to be the only one who believes he is innocent, and as in the other books, police chief Strade (her best friend's dad) is watching Ingrid as she investigates in order to prove Grampy's innocence despite his uncooperativeness.

Ingrid's family is also in trouble. Her parents are acting strangely. When questioned her dad, like Grampy, doesn't give an alibi, and his secret is exposed through the solving of the crime.

This is a suspenseful series. The characters are well developed and real, especially Ingrid. The mysteries have many details to consider, and the circumstances are imaginative. The connections between the plots and the play acting are a fresh way of portraying the stories.

related-murder mystery, detective stories, grandfathers, family, divorce, investigations, Sherlock Holmes fan
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