Jane Addams: Pioneer for Social Justice by Cornelia Meigs.
Little, Brown and Company: Boston, 1970.

As children we learn about certain time periods in history lessons-particularly surrounding major wars. We can see the differences in how people lived and thought, but there is not much focus on how or why people's lives changed. What happened to create change or improvements in social standing? I believe that a significant factor is people like Jane Addams and Eleanor Roosevelt. If we want to understand why we have the rights we take for granted today, we must read about these people who saw injustice around them and demanded that it be changed. If we want to keep the rights we have, we need to understand that those rights exist because of social pressure initiated by people like Jane Addams. Congress did not just decide one day to pass laws in favor of working class citizens-ordinary people (and lots of them) demanded it. Cornelia Meigs's biography of Jane Addams is a thorough work about an extraordinary champion-a woman with an unswerving dedication to better the lives of the people around her. I learned from this book things that were skipped over in high school history, and I gained a better understanding of history in general and how politics (and life) work through time.

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