King Arthur: In Fact and Legend by Geoffrey Ashe.
Thomas Nelson Inc: Camden, NJ, 1969.

Ashe discusses the legend of Arthur and its history and evidence of Arthur in history. He uses Malory as the basis for the legend and refers to Geoffrey of Monmouth, Nennius, and Welsh and British legend and rumor to establish a believable reference point for Arthur in British history. He also mentions a few archaeological findings to strengthen the conclusions.

The evidence that has been discovered regarding a true King Arthur is fascinating. The use of the legend through history is also intriguing-particularly King Henry VII's claim that he fulfilled the prophecy of Arthur's return. From reading of the history of Arthur, I have a much clearer understanding of British history. If what Ashe says is true, then that would make Henry VII the 1st truly British King of all England. The real Arthur was not, and between him and Henry VII are Saxons and Normans. No wonder the Tudors were popular.

There is also some discussion of the rebirth of the legend in the 20th century to present in which there are many variations. Some of this is due to discoveries and revelations about the 6th century Arthur. Some of it is due to more widespread knowledge of Welsh and British legend, and some has to do with more creative license on the part of the writers. For whatever reason there is much more available on the subject, and Ashe lists works I hadn't heard of.

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