Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan.
Book 11 of The Wheel of Time
TOR Fantasy/Tom Doherty Associates: NY, 2005.

  • Dead people walking in many locations.

  • Parts of buildings or towns are changing or disappearing suddenly.

  • Rand has determined that he needs a truce with the Seanchan before he can confront the Dark One.

  • Moridin instructs the Foresaken to kill Perrin and Mat.

  • Perrin makes a deal with the Seanchan himself to save Faile and the rest who were kidnapped by the Shaido Aiel. Aes Sedai and Wise Ones are not pleased with the deal.

  • Mat and his entourage continue to travel away from Ebou Dar, though looking for a way to send Tuon back safely. The Seanchan army is hunting her, instead of trying to save her, since the death of the Empress.

  • Mat woos Tuon, whom he has claimed will be his bride. She still treats him as Toy but tolerates his companionship. She keeps her intentions hidden through most of the book, though there are flashes of possibility, especially as she learns more about who Mat is. It is too soon to know whether Mat could have any influence on her future decisions.

  • Egwene is caught by the White Tower, and there is an attempt to break her and use her by making her a novice again. They don't know what they are up against. She continues to command the rebels, while she undermines Elaida from within the Tower.

  • Elayne fights to gain the throne in Caemlyn as Arymilla leads her supporters in an attack on the city walls. Ellorien leads other Houses against Elayne, hoping that Dyelin will make a claim, though she says she's not interested and supports Elayne.

  • Elayne is abducted by Black Ajah sisters.

  • Thom reveals the contents of Morraine's letter at Mat's request.

  • Banner-Generals Tylee Khirgan and Furyk Karede have gained respect for Perrin and Mat respectively and should be key factors in settling matters with the Seanchan eventually.

  • Red sisters ask Taim if he will allow them to bond his Asha' man as warders. More foreshadowing, but still not clear if he is just a Darkfriend or more.
One of the best books in the series, if only because so much is happening. Still a period of build up to the end. Many loose ends to tie together. The next book was intended to be the last, though now lengthened to three. Incredible. Has got to be my favorite series. The very best of fantasy. Am considering buying the books now, so that I can go back and read leisurely. The library doesn't give enough time for 800 page books!

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