Learn To Speak Music by John Crossingham. il by Jeff Kulak.
Owlkids Books: Toronto, CA, 2009.
This is a great little book! It's a conversation on all steps to music expression - small and huge. There is an awesome amount of information stuffed into it. Looks like a basic children's nonfiction book with short discussion and 1960s style graphics to draw you in. But the conversation takes the reader seriously. This is a book about creating, with the idea that anyone picking it up is mature enough to get started. And they are. While there is a ton of info here, it can be used as a textbook. Take a bit here and a bit there and run with it. Refer back to it when you are ready for another taste or challenge or need a confidence booster. Definitely try the ideas, and you will be on your way to serious musical expression - or not so serious.

One of the best things about the book is the tone. I would guess it is probably directed at middle graders, but it speaks to readers on an equal level. So the book's range would be for 5th graders, with a creative bent, all the way through adult.

Composition, performance, organization, experimentation, and recording are encouraged. Then, once you have enough to want an audience, promotion is discussed as well, including artful creations. My teen son read the book, too. He's been learning guitar for about a year only. He's already tried some recording tracks, and the book excited and inspired him. He wants to work with a band now and is thinking of himself as a musician, a necessary step in becoming one.

I love to see people creating whether it's their own costumes, videos, riffs, stories, or art on paper. This book is a tremendous inspirational aid for getting the juices flowing.

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