The Legend of Thunderfoot by Bill Wallace.
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers: NY, 2006.

On the day of his naming ceremony, a young roadrunner is bit by a rattlesnake. The bite leaves him with huge, clumsy feet-so he gets stuck with the embarrassing name Thunderfoot. Through his attempts to overcome his impediment, he not only survives in the harsh environment but his achievements become legend.

What a great book for young readers (2nd-4th grades)! Especially animal-lovers. Only a few of the transitional books for young readers that I have read are exceptional. As important as this stage is in reading, you?d think there would be more. Bill Wallace has written many books for young readers; this is the first I?ve read. It has more meaning than the average book for young readers plus adventure and details of nature. It is a work of storytelling rather than a reading primer.

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