Letters from Rapunzel by Sara Lewis Holmes.
HarperCollins Publishers: NY, 2007.

Rapunzel (as she is calling herself) is locked in her tower (study hall), writing letters out of boredom and a need to express her feelings about her father's absence. She is trying to find something, anything, that will bring him back home. She hasn't been told all the information she needs to know.

Highly imaginative, she is unwilling to conform at school. Her counsellor, her teachers, and her mother push her to improve herself and achieve her potential. But she is stuck. She can't move on until her father is fixed. She needs her connection with him.

The story is told through the letters she is sending to someone she believes is a close friend of her father's. Writing and writing, even though no one is writing back. How frustrating is that! There are some assignments thrown in and a couple stories she writes for fun. It is certainly imaginative, and passionate. It flows much like a diary would, though more interesting than most diaries are likely to be.

Most of the story is her progress psychologically working through the situation with her dad. She does make progress, though she may feel she's coming apart at the seems. She also gains more information, goes a little wild, and scares her mother. But that's to be expected when dealing with a major problem.

The book is very real. It is an easy read and worth reading. However, the publisher has it marked for 8 yr olds. I don't think it is something an 8 yr old would read. With the angst, I'd say middle school to early high school.

related-depression, mental anguish, fathers and daughters, schools, gifted children, fairy tales, letters
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