The Life and Death of Crazy Horse by Russell Freedman. il. Amos Bad Heart Bull.
Holiday House: NY, 1996.

Crazy Horse grew up in the mid-1800s when the Sioux were desperately trying to save their hunting grounds and way of life. He became the greatest of all the Teton Sioux warriors-leading his warriors against General Custer in the Battle of Little Bighorn.

Freedman's account of Crazy Horse's life displays the wisdom, courage, and idealism of an extraordinary man. He fought and died for his beliefs when many others had given up. Yet, in the end he also allowed his followers to live instead of being killed with him.

The drawings were taken from a tribal pictoral history by Amos Bad Heart Bull. He was too young to take part in the battles, but he was Crazy Horse's cousin, and he learned first hand from those who did participate in the last struggles of the Sioux.

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