Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.
Little, Brown and Company: Boston, 1994.
Originally published 1868 by same publisher.

Little Women was a book that I loved as a girl. It was written at a time when most people led simpler lives. I was impressed by the simpleness of their lives and their desire to be cheerful and useful. Coming from a large family, I also lived with simplicity and was less impressed with monetary things than other girls I knew. I don't know if our society has changed too much for girls to appreciate this story, but I do believe we need reminders that money and objects are not the most important things. Honesty and caring for others are not valued enough anymore.

Like most girls, I empathized greatly with Jo because I didn't feel "good" enough. But as the story progresses, Jo learns from her mother that goodness comes more easily as you grow. It takes practice and the responsibilities of adults before proper behavior becomes standard behavior for a person. Adults also rebel against things they believe to be unjust-but sometimes silently.
related-family life, sisters, New England 1860s, coming of age

May not be strictly considered historical fiction, but it is old enough now to have the feel of a historical book.

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