Living Color by Steve Jenkins.
Houghton Mifflin Company: Boston, 2007.

Living Color is an eye-catching display of creatures and their colors. It has great discussion of the various purposes of color in the Animal Kingdom. The color in some of the creatures is exaggerated. The text is as vibrant as the illustrations. It also has facts and animals I didn't already know about. I do have to admit my kids know more about animals than I, due to the number of PBS programs and books to which they have been exposed. However, it is sure to generate interest in life sciences for young readers. The back section has FAQs related to color and more facts about the creatures presented.

related-camouflage, protection, attracting mates, warning of poison and other noxious characteristics, recognition, imitation, distraction, illusion (trick of the light), emotion, food (you are what you eat), surprise, communication, habitat for others
RL=2nd-4th, maybe as young as Kindergarten

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