London Calling by Edward Bloor.
Alfred A. Knopf/Random House, Inc: NY, 2006.

The major themes in London Calling are time travel, spiritual visitation, and redemption. Martin is contacted by an English boy from World War II through his dreams. Upon waking, he learns gradually that the facts and people of which he dreamed are real. He follows the boy through his dreams in war-torn London to learn how he can possibly help him, and he studies Britain in WWII during waking hours, so he will be ready to help when the time comes. He is partly drawn into the situation because his revered grandfather is one of the characters he observes in his dreams.

The book has piqued my interest about historical things I have not heard before. It is a truly original work as well-not the standard time travel book.
related-time travel, London 1940-1941, bombardment, schools, Great Britain-World War II, afterlife, redemption, alcoholism, Catholics, futility of war

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